REACTING TO ALPHA MALE STRATEGIES – Female Manipulation : How Women Get the “Power” in Relationships

If you think about it every gender wants power. Understand that humans, in general, want power although men managed to monopolize power most of the time and now we live in a society where all eyes are on our own people so you have to learn how to virtue signal. Which is a feminine quality in a weird way causing men to suppress their masculinity because it looks threatening and acts feminine. But it doesn’t mean they are more feminine on the inside they just know how to be more manipulative.

Women can’t use female manipulation if a guy didn’t give her validation because she will not know where he stands. And these things usually happen in online dating. Now everybody is playing games so you couldn’t trust anyone. Knowing this reality you will hide what you want because that’s how it works and you have to keep your defenses up.

What you have to do is to create the pattern of a comfortable home in his mind and then you just strip that from him so they’ll start chasing. What I notice is if a man is too cold women couldn’t connect so men still have to show some affection or kindness to at least draw them in. I’ve learned that it’s better to validate a woman with your words but contradict it a little bit with your actions. Because if a girl thinks that you didn’t like her she is gonna avoid rejection by rejecting you.

See if a woman is cold towards you it’s okay to treat her the same way but if a woman is being open towards you, then you have to be open on her level but just one step lower. Don’t be so distant because women will resent that and no matter how much they like you they will need some effort.