Say These 3 MAN-MELTING PHRASES To Make Him Want To Chase

Here are the phrases that will make him want to chase:

  1. Letting them know you’re seeing other people
    This is just simple and the reason why this works is that this makes them competitive. And if you cancel on a date it makes them think even more about you. Making them jealous makes them obsessive about you.
  2. Disqualification
    It’s basically saying that being nice to them doesn’t equalize you liking them but just your natural nature. By saying that makes them uncertain and doubt their belief systems allowing you to send mixed signals.
  3. Becoming uncertain and cold
    When a guy asks you if you want to hang out again don’t say yes but give them reasons and act uncertain about it. And when you get home be cold but suddenly pop out asking them to hang out. This will make them think about you even if you’re not there. These will make you appear to be more high value.