Say This To Let Him Know You Have Options

When you don’t like the guy do you notice they like you back? One of the reasons they like you back is because you are unconsciously more willing to talk about certain things you won’t talk about if you like them. Just like dating other people and this doesn’t hurt your chances but it actually helps you because it puts the man in a sexually competitive state.

What I mean in a sexually competitive state is that it increases his dopamine and testosterone which makes him more aggressive and competitive which naturally makes a guy chase more.

So how do you communicate to a guy that you have other options? You do it just by talking to other people and saying that you’re seeing other people and you’re trying to find who you will have a connection with. As long as you say it from time to time you give him distance it helps you because it allows the image he has for you to solidify. That’s how people fall in love they don’t fall in love with your presence they fall in love when you’re not around.

Having someone in the background that is attractive makes a guy see the value that he takes for granted in you. Because if you don’t do that he will just take you for granted and he will get cocky and your desire to communicate to him that you’re loyal makes you withdraw certain things that make you more attractive which is your independence. He doesn’t own you yet don’t communicate to him that you’re willing to be owned.

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