Say This To Make Him Want You More And More!!!!

Today we’re gonna be reviewing one of my old videos from my course psychological game of attraction and I haven’t watched this for years. So I will tell you my thoughts about it and if I still agree with it from this point of view.

This is the part when you feel like he likes you but it’s not enough or at the peak of his emotion. So what can you do to make him want you more? First is the lonely fantasy where you tell him your future plans that doesn’t include him and then you change the topic. Remembering this trick I can say that it actually works. Because doing this makes the person reveal if the person likes you or not. This will activate his fear of losing you and he will feel his intense love for you.

Also, make sure that you make plans that don’t include him or plan that he cannot be included. Doing that will create a fear of losing you that amplifies the attraction he has for you. And what do I think about that? I think what I’m trying to say is don’t do everything with a guy because people wanna miss you and if you’re always present they will never gonna feel that. A guy wanna fear losing you because to them that means you’re valuable. So don’t let your anxiety push them away and you have to deal with it.