Science Says This Type of Man WILL BETRAY YOU

Today we’re gonna talk about a study that revealed why some men cheat because of environmental influence. There are two reasons why men cheat for the most part and the general reason is they are just wired to cheat studies show that men who have high testosterone cheat more men with lower testosterone cheat less.  But men with higher testosterone tend to be more successful in life, more attractive, more aggressive, have a higher sex drive, and their jaws are more masculine.

Study shows that what leads some men to be cheaters is power. Don’t you notice how sometimes you date an unattractive guy he becomes attractive all of the sudden? Understand that whenever a guy dates a woman that feels above his league some of those guys have an increase in self-esteem. They feel the power. Dating an attractive woman would make a guy feel the power.

As much as you are wired to like powerful men you have to like regular dudes. Because dating powerful men is just asking for trouble. Not because you have these urges means you have to do it, you gonna have to fight those urges and transcend that.