She Made Me Regret Losing Her After She Did This – Story Time

Let’s talk about how a woman made me regret losing her. And the strategies this lady used and how it affected the way I was thinking and how you guys can apply it in your lives. 

This girl would come over once or twice to hang out and leave after we’re done. And I know and I feel that she was falling in love and she wanted to be in a relationship. But I would never let her sleep over and she could sense that there is a certain distance even if we talk and we chat. She never initiated contact but she did some things when we were talking that made me lose a little respect for her.

So what does she do to make me lose her? The first thing that she did was leave. And this is the hardest part. The reason why is because she made her own decision and decided that she can’t wait for me. She waited a whole year and it wasn’t going anywhere and she didn’t let love fool her hoping I would change. So she made a decision and she left. Which is the right decision, you shouldn’t wait for a guy because he is not going to respect you. They only respect you if you leave them and you stand up to them.

Next thing she did was she didn’t come back. I thought at first that she was bluffing but I realized that she was not when I saw her with another man. Third thing is she found another man. And this man appreciated her more than I did. 

Simply a man seeing another man appreciate you raises your value and not coming back to them makes him forever regret losing you.