She thought we were just friends… so I kicked her out

Today we’re gonna talk about a story a few times where I’ve kicked women out of my house and I’m not a guy who kicks women out I’m not gonna lie. I would never kick a woman out because she doesn’t wanna have sex with me. But there are times when you have to cut communication because women will try to get away with the thing. After all, they know they can.

So I met this girl on tinder and she wanna hang out on the same day. So I have this strategy which I would say if she can wait for one hour because I am hanging out with friends and if they cancel or we finish early we can hang out. Then one hour later I messaged her if she can meet this time and she was like okay. And she was like can you pick me up on an uber and I ask if she can just go to the bar. But she insisted and since she was close to the bar I come to pick her up. We started talking and everything looked good. We were chatting and we have this connection.

So one day I ask you to come to my place so I can show her my paintings which is my excuse. So we went to my room and I tell let’s get some wine. Anyways she wants to my room and we’re talking, I wait to make a move and after I go for a kiss and she was like “Whoa, I thought were just friends.” and I’m like what?

Then I ask her, after meeting from tinder, going out for drinks, asking you to come to my place, and drink to my room. All this time you think we’re just friends. And she was like yeah so I told her to get out and go home. If she went straight that she didn’t like me it would have been fine but we went through all of this she still thought it was a friendship I just can’t deal with that.

So that’s my story time, whenever a woman goes out on the date with you and goes to your house and still thinks it was just friendship. Just kick her out because it’s never gonna work out.