She Turned Me Off Until She Did This To Me… I Was Obsessed for years – Story Time

Today we’re gonna have another storytime. So I met this girl on the website called back in 2012. And this random girl hit me up about how she likes my photos and stuffs like that. She was the type of girl that looks better in person than in photos. She came from Florida and she visit me in New York City. And I was excited to see her because we’ve been chatting for a whole month.

We got a room in Bushwick and she came over and the first night was incredible. And it slowly diminished and I was getting tired of her. She stayed for two torturous weeks and that’s not because she’s a bad person but she won’t give me space. And when the time came that she have to leave she had this tear in her eye while I felt free. For two weeks she kept messaging me and I’ve been responding from time to time. Until I started noticing a dude who’s been all over her on Facebook. That dude was liking all her photos and commenting and she was responding. All of a sudden the desire wanting her to leave me alone changed into wanting to win her over.

And this is called a sexually competitive state when men see other men desiring what they desire they naturally compete even harder.