So in this video we talk about women’s weaknesses. The first Kryptonite that women have is her desire to accumulate resources for her children. It’s like when you see a dog taking sh*t and they kick their legs back even though they don’t need to, it’s the same with women acquiring resources it’s an instinct that they have, like a scorpion biting something, and the reason why is because all of the women who passed on their genes, all of her ancestors had that trait that’s why they were able to pass on their genes they looked for resources so it’s their brain that is wired for that because they’re the the descendants of the females that use those strategies so to women having resources and social status is a necessity not just for them but also for their for their offspring. It’s important, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity for women they get pregnant and need a man who isn’t broke right. 

To know more about this topic please make sure to watch the video until the end.