Signs A Guy Likes You But is Trying Not to Show it

There’s a saying that says actions speak louder than words and that is true generally for the most part. If the guy tells you he likes you and his actions don’t show it then you shouldn’t trust him. Right? Then there was a situation where a guy expresses his love towards you but doesn’t say it with their words. And this kind of guy might never verbally say that he likes you but you should treat them as if they like you.

So what you will see is that he may not say he loves you or he might get uncomfortable at the thought of intimacy but those types of men are yearning to be loved.

These are the things guys do when they like you. The first one is he’s considerate of you. Second, he gives you gifts. Third, he is consistent with you. If these guys don’t say that he likes you but he’s consistent I don’t care what he doesn’t tell what matters is he is consistent.

The next one is when you pull away, he might actually tell you he likes you. When he senses you’re pulling away his ego might die and might actually tell you that he likes you.

Another thing is that he remembers special things, like your birthday. People who are not verbally expressive are most of the time overcompensated by showing it with their actions.

The reason why these types of guys are so closed off is that they’re sensitive inside and they don’t know how to deal with their emotions and they need someone who can tolerate their uncertainty.

What you must remember is that the most important thing is consistency. If ever he does all this but he’s inconsistent, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is consistency.