Signs He Doesn’t Like You But is Showing Interest

The level of masculinity a guy has around you is a sign of how much he doesn’t like you. The more feminine a guy acts around you, the more he likes you. The problem is that women get turned off by it.

Girls want a guy who acts masculine. She doesn’t know that as soon as he does, it means he doesn’t like her.

You know that he doesn’t like you when he takes but doesn’t give.

Along with the feeling that he likes you, you also have a feeling that he doesn’t like you. It’s like a little doubt in your mind. The reason why you feel doubt is because your senses are picking up on something. Your rational mind doesn’t want to verbalize it.

You suppress the things you see and you rationalize that he likes you. As soon as you’re thinking about whether or not he likes you, he doesn’t like you.

When he likes you, you either get turned off by it or you don’t feel the fear of chasing because he is validating you.

There’s a simple solution to this. As soon as you feel that a guy is being inconsistent or that you are putting in more effort than him, just stop. Drop whatever is in your hand and say ‘I’m done.’

It’s like surrendering to death. You’re like ‘You know what, I’m not gonna control this. You either like me or you don’t.’

You’ve got to realize that there’s nothing you can do to make him like you more. Although if you don’t do anything, that could potentially make him like you.

When he starts to like you because you care less, don’t misconstrue that as him really likes you. It’s just that his ego is hurt. He is going to immediately lose interest as soon as you validate him. As soon as you sense that he’s opening up, you’d be like ‘Alex’ tactic is working, f*** what else he says.’

He would eventually think that your validation is not as big of a deal as he thought it was.

See if he behaves the same way with you as he does with his friends. It could be that since you validated him too much, he acts willy-nilly.