Signs You Should Leave Him… NOW!

First and foremost if he has a drug problem or an alcoholic you’re not gonna change him. So when you meet a guy and that’s how who is you will not change his personality. The problem is a lot of women think that they can change the man and that makes you a part of the problem.

Another sign you’re relationship is toxic is when he doesn’t trust you. When you don’t get along with your family and you both don’t like each other’s parents. When he makes fun of you in public that just shows you he doesn’t respect you. And also when there’s no “we” in a relationship.

Now if the guy has to give you or buy something to make you happy just means that the connection between you guys isn’t the kind of connection that heals.

And if you’re with a guy who doesn’t spend much time on you whatever the reason is that is gonna be toxic. Because you will not be able to build that bond together.

Another thing is that there’s no consideration for your emotions. And these types of guys will never be considerate and you’ll notice it because you feel like he’s not even paying attention. And anytime you’re with somebody like that and you’re like that too you have the recipe for a toxic relationship.

And being worried rather than happy about being pregnant is a red flag. Because if you trust your partner and you know he loves you this should not be how you feel. If you wonder if he’s gonna be happy about you being pregnant simply means he is not showing you the signs he wanted it.