Sneaky Way to Find Out if He REALLY Wants a Relationship WITHOUT LOOKING NEEDY

How do you get to the conversation without looking needy and without asking “what are we” because you should not do that to a guy.

Most women, when you want to find out when you’re ready for a relationship, you guys usually say “what are we?” or you usually invite him to a party with your family (which is not a good decision). If you don’t know where you stand with a guy, never invite him to do intimate things and never invite him for Valentine’s Day. You could give a guy a gift but if you do give him a gift, you better be busy for the next 3 weeks. It’s all about the mixed-signals.

If you want to know where you stand, start saying “no”, start cancelling your plans, and start saying that you’re busy. Give an excuse that you’re busy with school or with work. The point is that most guys know that it’s bullshit and most guys know that that could potentially turn into you not seeing him again because that’s what usually happens and that’s what women usually do.

Once you do that, then you want to cancel a plan with him. Say that you can’t hangout with him because you’re gonna get dinner with a friend (could be a guy or a girl, could be a cousin or a grandma). The point is that you say no to his date and you let him invite you out and then you cancel and say you can’t hang out. After that, you’re gonna start not cancelling but saying you can’t hang out because you’re busy and then you’re gonna stop initiating contact.

Mind you, you guys aren’t in a relationship yet so he cannot tell you not to see people. If he does say that then you can ask “What, are we in a relationship? That’s relationship stuff. you wanna talk about something?”–that’s what you do. You want him to complain to you who’s the guy you’re going out with or why you’re so busy.

If he likes you, you’re gonna start noticing that he’s gonna start putting more pressure: he’s gonna start wanting to see you more, he’s gonna start taking you on dates that he didn’t take you out before because he didn’t want to lose you. That’s what happens but if he doesn’t like you then you won’t hear from him. Or, you’ll hear from him and he’ll want to fck you but he won’t bring up being a girlfriend.

Use their weakness. Be indirect because if you bring it up yourself, you’ll lose your powers.