Stop Giving Men Too Much Power Over You

Having no friends is a big problem because you can be depending on them way too much. When I said that guys like a woman who doesn’t have so many friends and lives a simple life I am assuming that you love your life and that you love being alone and enjoying the simple things. I am not telling you to be alone and have no friends and excuse that to be needy. It’s different when a guy knows you’re alone because you chose that but you’re not lonely that was the one that is attractive.

You have to control your impatience. Don’t say you love him every day in fact you want him to complain that you don’t say it. You want him to be complaining about how you treat him. And if you really love him show him through your actions. Saying the words are too direct let him interpret them.

What you wanna do is get him to be emotional and inconsistencies create emotional instability. You want him to be going nuts for you and that means not having a full picture of how you feel about him. You should give him uncertainty and I am not saying to put him in a state where he is constantly insecure but just momentarily. Just a little slip for him to realize how special you are.

Being with him all time risks things getting boring. Distance will always spice things up. Take a step back from time to time because people need to breathe. What we don’t wanna do is push people away because of too much warmth. He will never realize how much he missed you if you’re always there so you have to give him that space.

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