Subtle Signs of Weakness in Nice Girls (AVOID MAKING THESE) – Nice Girl Sneakpeek

You’re going to watch a sneak peek into my new course, Nice Girl. It’s a course made to make you become more assertive. These are the subtle signs of weakness in nice girls:

  1. You’re too friendly – If somebody doesn’t like you, ignore them. Eventually what would happen is if you ignore them, some of them will actually start liking you.
  2. You’re not changing who you are – It’s not that you’re changing who you are, you’re just not showing some parts of yourself.
  3. Don’t smile so much – Smiling is the easiest thing to fix, don’t smile so much because if you’re serious, they’ll take you seriously too. If you goof around, they’re not gonna goof around with you too. They’re just going to lose respect for you.
  4. High-pitched voice – you have to control your pitch. You have to learn to speak more relaxed. You are not talking to a baby or to a dog like that.
  5. Initiating conversations in new places – It’s okay to be shy and to be quiet in a place that you don’t know. Let them come to you. Get the feel of the room, don’t try to be super assertive.
  6. Reacting to coldness with warmth – If guys disrespect you subtly, and you respond by being nice, that turns them off. It makes them say you are who I thought you were. But if you would just leave them alone and you don’t talk to them too much, the first thing that will happen is that they will respect you.
  7. Tenseness and not projecting your voice with strength – Learn to be more relaxed and when you’re talking, stop talking like a little girl. Learn to have that assertive voice