The way that you meet women isn’t by being charming or by being the funniest person in the group–it’s simply being around people.

I started doing pick up when I was younger because I wanted to meet women and if I would’ve paid attention and just open my eyes and said “Okay, where are the women?”, I would’ve made different choices. I remember working at getting better at pick up but I wasn’t working on just being in clubs.

What I’m saying is that I went to the direct route of “Let me get the women, let me go up to them” but now, it’s the indirect route like joining a meditation class, starting a meditation class, joining an art group and starting one if there’s none around you, joining a jamming group and starting one if there’s none around you.

Guys, this is why you see random ass dudes with banging ass women — it’s because of this principle. It’s not because they’re charming, it’s not because they got the best verbal game but simply because they just go out there and meet people. Just meet people and make friends.

Go out there and initiate things. Start or join something. Join something, go there and get to know people. Make there are women but don’t hit on them. Just go, you just gotta be there.