The 5 Lies Men Need To Hear From Women To Avoid Disrespect

In an ideal world, guys won’t judge women for their nature, but we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world where women are judged a little more harshly and women have to play the game with a little more finesse than what men do. If you want to optimize your chances of keeping a guy, there are some things you have to hide.

  1. Financial Success – if you are a doctor and you are dating a guy who’s a mechanic and you tell them that you’re a doctor, he could either be intimidated by the fact that you’re a doctor and get turned off by it. If you want to keep him and you’re afraid and you want to increase your chances, it’s better to tell them about how much money you make a little bit later once there was an attachment made.
  2. How many guys you’ve been with – There’s a common thing across all cultures, It’s that men will judge a woman who had sex with a lot of guys. They might say that they don’t mind, but secretly, on a genetic level, most guys will judge you based on how many guys you’ve slept with.
  3. Never tell a guy about your real fantasies – First assess how judgemental the guy is. You have to make sure you’re comfortable with him. I want you guys to be more cautious talking about your sexual history and about your sexual fantasies because I don’t care about how open-minded the culture might look, he could talk about you and word gets around.
  4. Cheating on the guy / Cheating past – Never tell a guy that you cheated. Never tell a guy about any of your past relationships that make you look bad.
  5. Telling him how you got paid for sex – the point is most people judge. As much as you don’t want to judge you, it’s human nature. It’s just not a good thing to tell a guy that.