The 5 Steps Of How Men Get Emotionally Addicted To You Like A Dr*g!

So from this video, you will learn how to make somebody addicted to you and also learn how to not get addicted to the wrong person.

So, let’s begin with the first step in addiction which is the “first use”. This encompasses experimentation with alcohol and drugs but also includes a person taking medication that their physician subscribed to them specifically. So in this case, when you go on the first date or when they encounter you the first time- studies show that most people don’t get addicted to a substance the first time, same as most people don’t fall in love with people the first time that they meet. This is about introducing your effect to his system, it’s not going to get him addicted to you. In the first introduction, you can’t give people a high dose of yourself yet. Why? because they might get turned off by you right away so you don’t want to kill the attraction. Lower everything down to bare necessities. People get a little turned off when they see a person’s complete personality from the jump right. If you do this you won’t come across as needy. 
The next one is your “continued use”.  continued use is going on multiple dates. That doesn’t mean they’ll love you but they need to see you. That means you text them, you call
from time to time, you’re in their life, you check in on them – but that doesn’t mean they fell in love already. People usually fall in love after two or three months. If after two or three months a person doesn’t fall in love then they may not be for you. Moving on to our third is “tolerance”. The speed and degree of Tolerance will vary from person to person. When a person experiences tolerance to something it means that the brain and body have adjusted to the drug and it now takes a greater amount to feel the exact same effect that you had before so that means they want to see you more, they can’t just see you once a week. It’s becoming obvious that the less you see them the more they want to see you. So a sign that they’re building up their tolerance is that they want to see you more,  they want to talk to you more. 
The next step of addiction is physical dependence or psychological dependence. This stage of addiction where substance users might first notice they become physically ill without the drug or alcohol perhaps even developing serious withdrawal symptoms. The person might begin to develop a dependence where now it’s not just that they want to see you now. They can’t think straight if they don’t see you now. They can’t can’t go throughout their day without seeing you and that’s how you know he has developed an addiction to you. The next step is Addiction, and this usually happens with men and women after two or three months. Addiction usually leads to them wanting to be in a relationship with you. With the last stage of addiction individuals find it nearly impossible to stop using drugs or alcohol even when they no longer enjoy it or their behavior has caused some serious life problems you’re with someone and they mistreat you and you still go back. You know they’re not good for you and you still go back. You know they abuse you and you still go back. You know they pull away and they’re manipulating you and you still go back. In fact this stage is one of the tell tale signs of addiction. It goes back to the definition provided above: people will compulsively seek and use drugs or alcohol despite the harmful consequences. 
The key to creating these addictions is to periodically pull away so that they can sense the addiction that they have for you, and also, so that you can notice they’re really addicted to you. You gotta understand people. Drugs don’t go to people, people go to the drugs. If you want them to treat you like a drug. Lean back and let them come to you because you’re the drug not them.