The 5 Things That Make Men Lose Interest… Immediately!

These are the 5 things you may be doing that cause a guy to lose interest. Let me put it in here so you can avoid doing it.

  1. Giving without getting anything in return

If you are noticing that the guy isn’t paying as much attention as you are. If you notice that the guy isn’t asking you to hang out as often as you are then you have to take it as a sign. Sure, ask him out, ask him to hang out with your friends, but don’t do it more than two times if he doesn’t invite you back. Why? Because if a guy really likes you, he’s going to want to show you off. He’s going to want to get your attention. This isn’t rocket science.
So don’t get mad if you feel that you’re giving but not getting in return. See his lack of investment as a sign to stop.

  1. Having your own agenda.

It’s okay to have your goals and intentions, but what’s not okay is imposing your own agenda on a guy. Some guys are amazing and some girls are willing to let go of an amazing guy just because it doesn’t fit their agenda. If he doesn’t want to get married and that’s all you want, then this won’t work out.
You’re going to lose out on a lot of relationships by having that mentality. I am not saying to have a standard, I am saying to be flexible with a guy. If he doesn’t want to get married, then back off. Find a middle ground. But if there isn’t any middle ground, then there’s nothing you can do. Don’t try to force a relationship on her.

  1. Trying to impress him

There’s trying to impress him and then there’s “NEEDING TO IMPRESS HIM”.
It’s okay to show off and say cool things about yourself, you just have to watch out for the SOURCE of those actions. If it comes from neediness, It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re feeling needy for validation, no matter what you do is going to be stained with neediness.
If it comes from a place of abundance (loving yourself without the need for external stimulus), it’ll feel more attractive and alluring to men.

  1. Being cool online but being a loser in person

There were so many times when I would meet a girl online or got her number randomly and are waiting to go out with her, she would appear as though she was pretty damn cool. But then when we meet it’s the total opposite.

Don’t be like that. Stop focusing on being cool online or through text, and be cool in person. That’s anticlimactic

  1. Have a fucking life

Nothing’s worse than a girl who doesn’t have a life. Life isn’t being online, and getting likes, fuck that. It’s having a life where you wake up feeling excited and energized! If that’s not your life then make it your mission to make it your life. Read books such as “psycho-cybernetics” it’ll help you get a better life.