The Dark Truth Of How High Value Men Think – Male Psychology 6

High-value men naturally become high value for a few different reasons and one of them is the status they have in life. And as a man, you naturally gain status through becoming good at something that everyone in your values. You also develop status through the people that you know and your social skills or even your job.

The next thing is the money that makes you look more high value and especially your looks. Your looks can depend on your physical, your age, and where you are in life. Basically, the three elements that make a guy high value are resources, looks, and status.

That’s the guy most women want and understand that your attraction towards this man is going to be purely psychological. Because these high-status guys are not naturally your type but seeing other women wanting him makes you think you want him too. Simply because attraction and desire is a social construct and it is just evolutionarily.

But what you have to understand is that high-value men see women differently. Low-value men see women as a gift whilst high-value men only see them as disposable. You got to think about it from their perspective where in they get so many women they get tired and bored. And as a result, they are gonna behave toward you differently and show minimal effort. Women react to this by chasing them even more making them chase less.

Remember that with high-value men your responsibility is to do nothing. It’s gonna be hard to stand out by trying. And this type of guy is more likely to cheat because they have more money, they will be thinking that going out with you is doing you a favor. They have this certain arrogance which most of the women react with attraction and interest.

Also, this type of guy creates more narcissism because in order to be successful you have to have tons of ambitions. And even if they are born with it they will still tend to have it just because it creates grandiosity where you have a sense of entitlement for something you never worked for.

They are also manipulative because they know their way around women. Mostly they are alphas who are very dominant. You can also easily sense their willingness to walk away from you. Dating high-value guys is not a blessing but more a curse. It’s better to find average guys because high-value guys come with more problems than good.