The Dark Truth of What Women ACTUALLY Fantasies About

Today we’re gonna be talking about the dark truth about the types of things women fantasize about when men are not looking.

The difference between what women fantasize about compared to men is that they think about the emotional quality of the person. They think more about the personality of the man. While men focus on the fertility of a woman which is all superficial and it has nothing to do with personality. Women focus on resources and protection of resources. That’s why women fantasize about being with alphas and men who are aggressors and competent. Remember that your personality and masculinity have a lot to do with how women fantasize about you.

Why do people fantasize? First 69 % of people fantasize about different sexual experiences and sensations. The second is to meet unfulfilled sexual needs which are 59% of the people. The third is to temporarily escape reality. And fourth is to express or fulfill socially taboo sexual desires which are 58%.

Now, who women fantasize? Women generally fantasize about their ex they are not over yet. Women mostly fantasize about their neighbor, their colleagues, or mostly their workmate.

That was mostly what women fantasized about. They fantasize about a masculine guy and if they fantasize about feminine dudes it’s usually her dominating the guy. But also women wanna be dominated more often than that.