The First Mistake Women Make When Meeting A Guy

The number one mistake that women make (in the beginning) when they’re getting to know a guy is just YOU just open up too fast. You don’t know how to play the game right. you think that guys are judging you based on how open or sweet you are–being sweet doesn’t bring you anything but vultures and lions and wolves. Being sweet makes you look weak in the beginning.

If you’re a sweet lady and if you keep being sweet to people indiscriminately, without making them earn your respect, you’re going to end up being a bitter passive-aggressive woman eventually because you’ll realize that people are taking advantage of you.

Ladies, in the beginning, be a little tough and strict around the guy. Shut the fck up and stop telling the guy what you’re looking for. Stop telling the guy what you want and stop opening up too soon. Stop showing him your good sign too soon and stop telling him how you feel inside. Stop initiating all the contact.

In the beginning, in the first 2 or 3 dates, let the guy do all the work. Learn how to play the mystery game. Learn how to be a little bit more mysterious and stop being predictable.