The Key To Making Him Fall In Love – Art of Seduction Breakdown

Today we’re going to be reviewing the art of seduction.

  1. Show your victim some evidence to match your words with your deeds – The reason for
    this is it allays all doubts about you and an action that reveals some positive quality in you is seductive in and of itself. Everybody is doubting the person who they’re talking to really likes them and because of that thought, they don’t let go emotionally.
  2. Brave or selfless deeds create a powerful and positive emotional reaction – You can
    make it up. Make it look like it was harder than it really was even though it was easy because first, it flatters their ego and it shows them that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for them.
  3. It is normal in the course of a seduction to encounter resistance – Understand the
    primary law of seduction, resistance is a sign that the other person’s emotions are engaged in the process. Resistance is emotional and it can be transformed to its opposite.