The Mindset Of High Value Women That Separates Them From the Rest

You see how easy for a woman to manipulate a guy when she is detached from him. It was very easy to control a guy when you don’t care about them. But when you care about the guy all of a sudden you are the one who can easily be manipulated. Then you lose that attractiveness you have and that’s why high-value men don’t respect you that much so this is the thing you gonna do.

The first thing you gotta do is have a list of things you will and would not accept from men. That’s going to give you that strength of character. You have to have things you found disrespectful in your past that you’re not gonna let repeat again. Having this kind of mindset they can sense your strength, limits, and boundaries. And when people feel your boundaries their respect for you rises.

If you don’t do this your decision-making will be based on emotions and once you do that you can be easily manipulated. So what you should do is develop utmost rationality through thinking long-term, analyzing the past, and strategizing for the future. This will also give you that relaxation because you have a plan and you know where you going in the future.

Now let’s talk about how your mindset changes your behavior. For example, if you meet a guy and you like him then you will have high intention and high attachment because of that you start imagining things and want things to work so badly making you act differently. But what you should do is have the high intention but low attachment in this way you’re gonna be persistent without the neediness.