Everything that I teach you on this channel is based on my experience and most importantly, based on what women tell you. I’m not here to be moral, I’m not here to tell you what to do or what not to do: I just teach what works to men and women.

This is something that I didn’t know before but every day that I coach women, I learn more about it. The most common thing that gets women to fall in love? It’s the sob story.

Most people don’t relate to the good things in you. Most of the time, we try to show people how great our lives are and so we don’t show them the pain that happens in our lives. What’s ironic about it is when you actually talk about the pain that happens in your life, people actually begin to like you more. People start to like you once they feel like you’re somebody who they relate to through your pain.

What you gotta do is to stop trying to look perfect. This is what victims do and I don’t want you to be a victim but I just want you to see the soul behind the victimhood and why that works and bring it in your life in a healthy way.

Here’s how it works: as long as you remain masculine around women, as long as you’re not a goofball, as long as you don’t try to impress them with the good things and as long as you’re chilled and you’re not acting like a goddamn clown and you go this. it’ll work.

Before, I never talked about my dad never being there for me. Before, I wouldn’t talk about the fact that I was technically almost homeless at one point–I’d go hungry in my apartment just smoking weed. I used to live in my mom’s house depressed as hell just working on my career–reading, writing.

I used to do that sht, man and I used to hide these things to women but when I started talking about it, those little “ooh” moments, as long as you’re not elaborating too much or giving them a sob story, it sort of like, she might find you attractive but the fact that there’s sympathy behind it, when there are attraction and sympathy, it could turn into love and it increases the chances that she’ll see you again.

You’ll know it’s working because she then opens up about her life and now you guys are creating an emotional connection on things that are vulnerable to you guys. Both of you are opening up and that’s the point–that’s how you create that kind of attachment.