One of the reasons why a lot of you guys get frustrated with women is that a lot of you think that women like you when in reality, they’re just using you for attention. When in reality, they’re just not over their exes. When in reality, they’re not really as interested as they come across.

That tends to create a lot of bitterness and confusion so today, we’re gonna talk about the signs that a woman really likes you. When you’re able to tell if she likes you and when she doesn’t like you, it avoids a lot of manipulation. The reason why a lot of you guys sort of hate women or unconsciously resent them is because they confuse you. It’s that confusion that you’re not able to see through the curtain, you’re not able to see through the emotions.

You’re seeing women through a fog of emotions because they raise expectations and then they pull away and makes you sort of feel resentful. It frustrates you. The most important sign that she likes you is compliance and consistency. For example, if she’s having sex with you but she’s not completely compliant with you, like when you ask her to wear something or bring wine and she says “no” but still comes then take that as non-compliance. Take that as a sign of disinterest.

When a woman really likes you, she’s 100% compliant and a lot of that has to do with you, your masculinity, and how you’re coming across. Now, if she’s putting up objections, just because she’s showing interest but the fact that she always had to pull an obstacle and the fact that she makes you do something so that she could do something, that’s a sign of some disinterest.

The reason why you want to go a little cold to create compliance is that insecurities create compliance. The level of compliance that a woman has is an indication of how much attraction she has. Remember that insecurities is what creates their compliance. When a woman really likes you, she doesn’t object. When a woman doesn’t want to lose you, she will comply with you but when a woman begins to lose interest in you, she’ll all of a sudden begin to put up objections.

When you see a lack of compliance from a woman, just pull away. Be a little bit more distant.