The Neuropsychology of Men During No contact (SHOCKING!!!)

Today we’re going to talk about the psychology of men during no contact.

First of all, most people, they’ll be able to hold on for a few days or maybe even a few weeks. The goal of no contact is to make the guy submit to you in a weird way, to make him come chasing back or to right a wrong that he did or to give you more leverage but the core of no contact is to inflict pain. This is the type of pain that men feel:

  1. Envy and jelousy- men naturally feel competition. Every action that you do could potentially mean that you found another guy. It’s a lot easier to project things that are not there and if you’re trying to make him jealous, don’t be so obvious because he’s paying attention to everything.
  1. A desire to connect with you – because there’s no oxytocin. What would happen if he actually loved you or liked you and you made no contact with him, it’s gonna make him long for a connection.