The Number One Sign a Woman Is Emotionally Intelligent

Do you think IQ is the number predictor of success? A lot of people do. But when it comes to dating, a lot of people think that beauty is the number one predictor of success.

It’s important to look good in a man’s eyes. The good thing is that people who are not considered stereotypically attractive find each other attractive. 

For men, beauty, how much money you make, how intelligent you are, none of these matters. What matters to them is your emotional intelligence. When it comes to predicting success, the person’s IQ or race doesn’t really matter, emotional intelligence is. As this is about knowing how to motivate yourself, persisting to trials and error, controlling impulses, delaying gratification and also being aware of your current emotional state. 

The number one sign is a woman has self-awareness of her emotions. The reason why is because of pain. You are not wired to avoid pain because we have millions of years of evolution of having a certain brain that doesn’t allow you to escape your reality. Every person has to face their fears, not to run away from them. It’s not healthy to run away from your emotions.