Last week, we talked about the emotion that causes men to lose respect for you which is fear. This week, we’re going to be talking about the emotion that causes men to respect you. I saw this video made by another Youtuber and he went with anger. I rather not go with that. I rather go with controlled aggression.

Women are naturally assertive as children. As children, women have the desire to control their environments more so as you go old, gender roles come into place and your parents tell you “Don’t be so adventurous, don’t be so aggressive, be the good girl” and so your aggression, all of a sudden, becomes tampered and your aggression only comes out whenever somebody hurts you so much BUT it comes out in a way that you can’t control.

What I’m telling you is to learn to use that aggression in a controlled way. Never put down your arms or your sword not even for a friend or a lover. You have to realize that people will hurt you. Naturally, people will test you when you get into relationships. Your responsibility as a woman is to always be willing to call people out on their bullshit at any moment in time.

What I’m trying to say is that a man will test you and what you gotta do is that you gotta be like a mother who’s standing up for her kid who’s being bullied and you gotta be that mother to yourself. You gotta be your own parent and not let any person bullshit you.

That means that if it’s time to get angry, you don’t put a face of happiness and you don’t try to talk it out or you don’t try to break up with the person and make them happy. You gotta learn when to be aggressive and learn when to be passive. You gotta learn when to call people out and when to shut up and let them be for the moment.

Why? It’s because if you don’t do this, sometimes, when we love people, we’re more forgiving. We forgive them more. We let them get away with things that they shouldn’t be getting away with and your aggression naturally lowers.

There’s a reason why we have aggressive energies and that’s because it’s required. We need aggressive energies because there’s a lot of vultures out there. There’s a lot of snakes and scorpions out there trying to hurt you and it’s only your controlled aggression is what’s going to stop them from fcking with you but your guilt and your fear of losing them is what’s gonna stop you from standing up for yourself.

A man will respect a woman who stands up for herself.