The ONE SHOCKING Emotion That Causes 96.7% Of Men to NOT Respect You

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the one emotion that causes a guy to lose respect for you. This one emotion pretty much has been the one thing that stopped humans from achieving their potential. This emotion will literally stunt your growth and it will cause you to live in abusive kinds of relationships where men don’t respect you.

Fear. The feeling of fear is a vital emotion for survival. It stimulates our body to move and helps us survive. Animals have to let go of this fear once it’s over, humans, on the other hand, they keep that fear and it needs a source to express itself. When you give into fear, it sucks all of your energy and confidence.

Fear enhances the power of your enemy and decreases yours through an illusion. People who fear tend to remember emotions more and with more vividness and react to them with more intensity. They dwell in past pain more often. this is why they have a hard time forgetting. They also feel more anger and resentment causing a lot of problems in a relationship. They can turn possessive with their partners and they’re prone to more jealousy. The threat of losing their partner makes them hypervigilant. Their cry for help is extra out of fear of losing them so they adopt strategies to keep people around them such as sickness, complaining, manipulation or acting like the victim. This intense desire for connection is a result of unconsciously believing that they couldn’t find somebody who could make them feel happy. They exaggerate the fear because their fantasy is controlling their thoughts. People who fear doesn’t have a positive expectation.

An exercise I want you to do is just begin to visualize yourself being in a happy relationship. almost like goal setting, write down what your happy relationship’s gonna look like. What are the things you expect, what are the things you’re gonna tolerate and don’t? Visualize how much a person respects you and how does it look like having a man that respects you, how do you feel having a man that respects you. Visualize that vision every single day in your life.

Feel more the experience of being respected. Feel that a guy respects you. Feel that feeling of being willing to walk away from a guy if he disrespects you. Feel that anger, that resentment, that if he fucks with you, you’re gonna leave him almost as though you’re resenting that. The way to overcome that fear is with aggressive action. Bold aggressive action.

What I don’t want you to do is to stay with a guy you’re afraid to lose to the point that you handicap yourself and to the point that you’re afraid to confront them. I don’t want you guys to do that.