Today we’re gonna talk about why the no-contact rule doesn’t work for you. Because all we hear is to get a woman to chase you, you got no contact but a lot of guys will do the wrong way at the wrong time so as a result they unintended consequences where the woman doesn’t contact them back anymore. Remember the first rule in no contact is she has to have an investment in you there has to be an attachment. You can’t expect to have no contact with a girl and it all magically works.

The key before going no contact is to have some history with her after at least one or two months of knowing her. When I say no contact you either don’t respond to her, don’t text her or you take a little longer but a better strategy than going no contact is having a hint of hint of coldness to your personality. Because this makes people think they are replaceable and how would you do it? You don’t validate them or compliment them. And that assertiveness will make people respect you.

So when is the best time to withdraw? The best to withdraw is after you show interest. And you will want her to complain and when that happens you will go back. You also have to show that you’re afraid of losing her as well.

The question is how do you show you don’t care? You just have to be busy. You have to have a life because when you have things that you value and you put your life, career, and finances above her she will chase you just like that. You have got to be difficult for a woman to really value you.