We’re gonna talk about the type of confidence men find sexy. A lot of people have a misconception of what confidence is so where gonna find out what is confidence and what it is not and how to truly gain it.

Confidence is not just about feeling good about yourself or how you see yourself compared to other people. Confidence based on people’s reaction to you is also not real because it can be taken away by them not caring. Fake confidence only has external sources and epithermal sources that will fade away. This is what we call situational confidence and this confidence is more about differences and comparison. In order to feel good about yourself, you belittle other people.

So what is key to attaining true self-confidence? You have to let go of the external forms of validation and be okay with it. This will lead to the presence of mind, it is being okay with not being good at things, being criticized, and not be hindered. It is not being okay all the time but feeling pain but being able to withstand it. Confidence doesn’t come from comparison and differences but an acceptance of all aspects of yourself.

Having true self-confidence is being okay with the problems that life brings. You run toward the pain and not away from it. This will help you grow a tolerance to pain by allowing it to dwell without fighting it. You realize that doing this enables you to handle difficult situations in life because deep down you are secure in yourself. When you do this you become your source of positive emotions. You don’t get happiness from the external source but you are reflecting your happiness from within.

By having this true self-confidence you will not need men to make you happy and that neediness. They’ll try to manipulate you but it won’t affect you. How will you do it? Notice where you derive your happiness and your pain. Don’t chase the pleasures and don’t run away from pain. Then realize you are still there and this circumstance doesn’t enhance or diminish you. and you find peace. So nothing will scare you and that neediness will be gone.