The Power Every Woman Has And Are Not Wielding

You see anything in life manifest itself as a form, right? Your thought becomes reality when you put them into action. Because of that, the power that you have is to not let anything become a solidified form. The power that you have is to be formless, it is about being more fluid and learning more about how to let go. Formlessness is accepting that things don’t last forever and that sometimes the reality is the opposite of what you see.

Accepting the reality that things don’t last forever and people are never what they seem to be on the outside. Things will be always changing and sometimes it is not gonna in your favor. Once you accept that reality it will give you ultimate power and that is to love without fear, to adapt and excel no matter what the circumstance is, and to adapt with age and develop the grace and beauty that inevitably comes with age.

The ultimate power is accepting that you will have your downs and you’re gonna make it. You know that people are gonna disappoint you and you accept that reality. You are flexible enough to deal with people screwing you over and learn from it. Adapting with age by not holding on to youth and allowing yourself to age gracefully.

Look, the whole point of formlessness is just to control your emotion. If people have control over your emotions and your fantasies they’re gonna control you. And if you’re someone that does not conform and change with circumstance, you’re gonna get played. Developing this formless mindset is necessary so you don’t grow bitter and you keep that mind fresh.

These are the traits that you don’t wanna hardened perhaps you want to develop them and make them malleable. One your fashion sense you want to be able to update your fashion sense over time. You don’t have to adapt everything new that kids are wearing but find something of the new trend and integrate it with how you used to dress. Why? Because people notice that and it’s a sign of a flexible mind.

The second thing you have to update is the manifestation of emotions through behavioral and facial expressions. Don’t let people see what you believe, what hurts you, and what are your weaknesses. Don’t show people what triggers you. Better yet tell people the opposite of what you want and act in contradiction. Don’t give them something to hold on to.

Other things that reveal your form are what you share and don’t share. You want to be able to as elusive as possible to people. You have to understand that it’s a politically correct world and you should not resist the reality. You just as to go with the flow and get where you can get because you can’t change.

A lot of people now resent the dating world. But we should really stop complaining and adapt to the changes. So you have to accept that reality and see how you can maneuver around that. You want to be able to see what you doing wrong and then change.

Your ultimate power is being flexible and you just don’t use it. Flexibility is understanding that anything can change for the good or the bad. And if there’s something in your life that you don’t like you can do something about it and assume another form. Always look for a change in yourself and others and don’t resist it. Because resistance will make you become ostracized and the strategies you apply will not work because it’s a different environment.

So how can you let go of those rigid belief systems? One is to know that you can’t take things personally because this causes you to take a form a be defensive. Two, make your face formless and let things roll off you by developing radical acceptance through meditation. Three, learn to adopt new views, fashion systems, beliefs, dating trends, etc. You just wanna be able to accept changes. Learn to say yes more often to experience new things. Have an image of yourself that is open to trying new things. Having a rigid system may seem strong but that inflexibility gets into people’s nerves and that could end up into pushing people away.