The Power of Embracing Your Feminine Dark Side

You see there’s nothing wrong with being nice the problem is when you see yourself as a nice person and there comes a situation where it’s time to be mean where you’re required to play a little dirty your enemy is going to have an unbelievable advantage over you. Your creativity is going to lack because you only see yourself as a nice person but there’s another side to your character that has power that lies deep in the dark side of who you are.

But because you try to be a nice person of being super nice what happens you limit yourself, you shut yourself up, you become less assertive, and you let people take advantage of you. And what people want to do to you is program you to think that you’re a nice person so that everyone can be happy.

The way to thrive in the world is to have the knowledge of your dark side. You have your dark tendencies. You have to look at yourself indiscriminately and see your dark qualities. Because by becoming aware of that side of your character you are tapping into a new source of creativity. Do not be afraid of your shadow it is more of who you are than the exterior you project onto the world always remember that.

Redirect that evil desire energy to hurt people in terms of you succeeding and letting them watch you succeed. You want to embrace the complete range of your personality.