THE POWER OF WALKING AWAY – Married At First Sight Breakdown

Not being willing to walk away will always lead to abusive relationships and it will make you lose your power. I will show you its consequences and how it just strips you of power by sticking to somebody that’s abusive.

First of all, giving him power when he’s abusive is just not right. If you never have a history of cheating and he needs to look at your phone he may be projecting that he’s a cheater because he should trust you. The main point is that type of behavior will wreck you inside. Another one is whenever you see this kind of polarity where his happy then suddenly confrontational you just have to walk away. You cannot tolerate that type of behavior.

Also when a guy is invading your space you just have to walk away because it will give you power. You don’t have to argue but you just stand up and walk away without any words because it will give you more power.

When a man makes a small thing to a bigger argument he mostly does it to make a woman feel guilty and to gaslight her. And staying gives him the power to do such things.

You see staying with people who are abusive has no win, this will just make you continuously lose respect for yourself. Arguing and trying to go to his level will not do any good because that’s what he exactly wants. The only choice you have to gain back your power and respect is just to walk away.