The Proper Way to Pull Away When a Guy Acts Cold

Today, we’re gonna talk about the proper way to deal with a guy when he pulls away. This is a very simple strategy and I gave it a name so that the concept could be in your head all the time.

The way to deal with it is called MIRROR AND EXAGGERATE. There are other ways to deal when a guy pulls away. That means calling him out and I would recommend only doing that when you kind of have that level of trust or when you guys have been together for a long time but in the beginning, always use this strategy.

A lot of the times, people pull away to test your strength. Sometimes, we, as men, pull away to see how much you like us and once you pursue once we pull away, it means we won so how do you deal with it?

The first one is on any occasion, I don’t care what kind of pulling away is, all you gotta do is mirror him. If he doesn’t talk to you for a week, you don’t talk to him for a week. The difference is we are exaggerating it. That means he doesn’t talk to you for a week, you don’t talk to him for 2 weeks. You give him a taste of his own medicine. Why? It’s because a lot of the times, people are bluffing. A lot of the times, they’re hoping that the strategy works and a lot of the times, they don’t have the patience to wait.

The key to all of this is you controlling your emotions and I’m not gonna lie, it’s very difficult.

Another thing that I recommend when you’re in this situation is to not ask your friends what to do because your friends will always tell you what you want to hear. Your friends see you being sad and depressed at the fact that that guy don’t like you, they want to see you happy so they tell you to text him. There’s nothing wrong with that because sometimes it works but deep down, guys lose a little respect for you.

The way to preserve your power is to make him come to you. What might happen is that you might lose interest in him, I’m not gonna like, because sometimes you might see him and you sort of deep down expect him to come back and when he comes back, you sort of lose respect for that. It’s very backwards but this worked. The hardest part with this is just actually following through. This is really the hardest part especially if you like the person, you’re going to feel very anxious inside.

The way to deal with that kind of anxiety for whenever you’re pulling away from a guy is to work out, lift weights: put all of that emotion and push it towards working out. It does help. Another thing that you could do is meditate. You could also write your emotions down.

Another thing you could do is be around people: help people, volunteer, help other people, give money to a homeless person. Selfless acts make you feel good. The human connection actually helps you deal with the sadness. So make people happy.

All in all, mirror and exaggerate when a guy’s pulling away. Consistently, that is the best strategy to do, and if the guy doesn’t react to this strategy, I don’t think he likes you or he has too much pride. It depends on how desperate you are to chase him. If you’re really desperate, you cannot live a whole day without him then go ahead and text him. Just know that he’s gonna lose respect for you. If you want to, go back but then pull away again, you have to at least get him to chase you.