This is a truth of the psychological aspect of money that’s the reason why you see a lot of rich guys with no women. It’s because they gain money but they isolate themselves from people by being frugal, they don’t really give their money out because they think that by giving money, it’s them losing. No. You gotta realize that money is something that you don’t use to buy lifeless objects. Money is something you use to buy power.

The most powerful people in the world don’t just gain money and save it, they have money and use it to buy people’s influence and they use it to soften people. They use it to create trojan horses so that they can lower people’s defences and they use it to get women. Most guys use it the wrong way. They’ll buy a car and think that that’s enough. You’re wrong.

Money is psychologically charged according to Robert Green and a vessel to distract people from your power plays. In this case, money is used to distract people from attempts to attract women. Money, in a way, blinds people from your deceptions.

Use money to raise status in front of people’s eyes. It’s truly powerful. Powerful people use money to control people. They use money to buy laws, they use money to get away with things, they use money to bribe people.