The Psychology Of How Men Express Emotions

Look women express emotions through words and the funny thing is a woman’s number one weakness is words. When you promise a woman what she likes to hear they tend to fall in love whereas men fall in love with what they see. As the same as how men and women express their emotions differently.

The problem is some people don’t get it, they thought men are not expressing their emotions because they don’t do it the same way women do it. Men express their emotions in a more physical way compared to a woman. So because of this, it plays a cascading effect on their whole psychology and how they express emotions. So you have to understand that you have to give men more time to express what they feel.

A man expressed through emotions in a physical nature. Men often express feeling outwardly through body languages such as physical gestures, facial changes, muscle tension, and gritting of teeth instead of expressing those emotions through words. They just express their emotions with their physicality more.

Women want men to be like women but you can’t change men they are the way they are. Just focus on his actions, if he doesn’t say he loves you but his actions show it. And men also take a longer time to understand what they’re feeling and figure out what may be causing the emotion. So you gotta give a guy time to process their emotions first.

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