The Psychology of Ignoring a Woman

We’re gonna talk about the psychological aspect of ignoring a woman who doesn’t work, who doesn’t work on, and how to do it. And one it’s you ignoring them not them ignoring you. Because when a woman forgets about you and stops loving you they will stop loving you forever and it’s just how they are. 

A woman’s likelihood to respond or to chase after you ignored her depends on a few different factors. One it depends on her self-esteem what is her self-worth in her mind. Two how much she likes you and you ignoring her increases her anxiety then the only thing she feels relieved about is chasing you. And third, how much sexual competition there is.

When you ignore a woman you lower their self-esteem and all of a sudden start thinking about what caused you to ignore her. Now I suggest that you don’t ignore a woman at the beginning of the relationship, not in the first week but when you feel like she did something “wrong” or after a few months of getting to know her because she has to like you enough to deal with her ego. And for her to override those things. She will start to think about the things she did or say in the past and they’ll begin to seek validation. 

The next thing is that their thoughts become loud and torturous. It causes them to overthink things and it makes them chase after you. You basically split them from the inside. Not only do they question themselves they also feel that they lack a sense of control.

Now lets about how some types of women react to being ignored. First is women with high self-esteem, the first thing they do is to try to fix it and they’ll after you a little bit and ask you what’s wrong. But they won’t chase you forever. When they felt like you’re not cooperating they’ll leave.

The second type is a woman that doesn’t like you. She will automatically not gonna chase you.

The third one is the narcissistic woman, they will not chase sometimes or a lot of time they will not chase or they’ll get violent and verbally aggressive with you.

The fourth one is the low self-esteem woman and they will start chasing you a lot. But they only chase because you ignore her and when you respond she pulls away. So who has to keep this kind of woman in a distance and never fully satisfy her knowing how much you liked her. But women with low self-esteem and like you will pretty much chase hard.

And that’s it! Be careful of the women you ignore because some women can be indictive and never let them have things they could us against you. Because some women wanna have some revenge.