Men pretty much changed not based on what they see in other men but changed based on what women value. Women pretty much select how men gonna behave, and men follow. So we’re gonna talk about some traits and some psychology of modern men.

The first one is that men will be whatever women want them to be. Second, this is that men do not look for celibacy as much as they did in the past. Now men are open to knowing if the woman is seeing other men and not looking at them as promiscuous because promiscuity is relative to everybody else.

The next part is when you meet a guy exclusively online, it means that you’re trying to get the guy who everybody else tries to get. So when you start looking for a guy online you’re putting yourself in a very hard position because this guy has a lot of choices. Meeting men in real life is the best option because in real life you are not superficial you have context about who he is and his background. Those types of guys are average but these may lead to longer relationships.

Nowadays men demand more in women and to chase men women try to level those high standards causing them to get plastic surgery and stuff like that. But to be honest men still like women who didn’t undergo a procedure so better keep it normal and simple. Also, men still like a woman who depends on them and comes across as they need them.

Another thing about male nature is a lot of men you will meet are either super needy, or super quiet, and they get really obsessive. They’re really smart and creative and most of the time they are artists, musicians, and anyone in entertain field. These people tend to be really nice when you try to know them. And men these days are more feminine because that’s what women like.

This is mostly happening because of the modern age when women can openly talk about what they like and men changed based on what women like.