THE TRUTH Why He Left You For Another Woman

I bet a lot of guys have been in your life have left you for another woman and it hurts the ego. So I’m gonna give you 5 reasons why he left you for another woman. It’s not gonna be an easy list for some of you guys because some of you are committing these mistakes but it’s time for you guys to learn your lesson.

Sometimes, when a man leaves you for another woman is because from the start, he was still in love with his ex and he didn’t tell you. He’s still in love with his ex and that’s why you lost him. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It had nothing to do with you in that situation.

Sometimes, when a man is with a woman, he’d like diversity. Men like diversity and men like something different. It’s hard to not take this personal but that’s just the case of it.

Sometimes, things just died out and the attraction fell off. This is something that you can mitigate by you giving the guys space and by distancing yourself from time to time but essentially, sometimes things die out and you both know it but you guys don’t want to admit it. When relationships die out, what you gotta do is give yourself space but a lot of you feel like you’re gonna offend your partner if you ask for space so you rather let the relationship die out.

What guys do is that rather than tell you that they want to leave you, they rather go out with another woman on the side and get to know her slowly. He cheats on you because it kind of brings back that diversity and that excitement. Unfortunately, this is just a part of life. This happens to a lot of people so don’t feel bad. This is something that you just have to learn how to get through and that becomes your challenge in life.

Another reason is that you left yourself go physically. We all know that once you think you have a guy, you stop working out, you stop doing the things that you used to do, you stop hanging out with friends and so now you have a lot of time in your hand, you stop talking to other guys because you don’t want to make him jealous so now he doesn’t feel like he’s in a sexually competitive state. You know, you try to let him know that you’re all his but inadvertently, you completely validate him and you give him no reason to fight for you and keep working for you.

The last one is that sometimes, some people just cannot be happy. Some people will always find a way to sabotage themselves and those are chronically unhappy. If everything’s going well and he loves you, he’s gonna find a reason not to love you because he doesn’t feel like he deserves to be happy.

There’s nothing you could do with people like that. There’s nothing you could do to save them. It’s best to leave them because those people will drag you down with them and they will drag you down to their pit of unhappiness. If you’re someone who’s naturally happy, who has good energy and good vibe in life, you can’t bring this kind of people in because energy is contagious. Their bad luck and their negative thinking will sabotage the way that you think and you become him without trying to.

So, those are the reason why he might have left you for another woman. Unfortunately, these are things that you could try to prevent as much as possible but you can’t really know because you could do everything right but his character is such that he’s not a happy person. There’s nothing you could do about that. Some people are just unhappy naturally.