The ultimate revenge on an ex – petty dating advice

The question our Patreon have is how can she get revenge on her ex who treated her so badly, ghosted her, and is now back in the same dating app they meet. If you want to give me a toxic question I will give you toxic answers.

Look if you want to get revenge you have to change your profile and say me and my boyfriend are looking for two or three girls who wanna join us in a threesome. It’s one thing for a guy to think that you have a boyfriend that hurts. It’s another thing for a guy to know you’re part of a harem. Do that and swipe right on him and say “I just swiped right just to say hi.” and make sure you put that thing in your profile that’s it. That is the ultimate revenge you can walk away happy knowing he is imagining you while knowing that somebody else is having fun with you.