Things men do when they see you as the one

The most important thing is not finding who is the one but identifying who is not the one. Because you’re gonna get more not the one than the one. And the truth is most people are not compatible with you. Make it work in terms of we are good for each other, we have similar interests, we treat each other well, and it’s not like we’re settling but we are good so we would make it work.

Let’s focus on the one, the one won’t appear in first on the second date it takes time to develop feelings and you have to be careful with sudden moments of happiness you feel with somebody. When you feel like the chemistry is 100% it feels good but you have to be skeptical about those quick bursts of emotions. Be skeptical but open. You have to be prepared to be deceived.

The thing is time and conflict reveal what’s hidden. By saying time I didn’t mean the first dates or how many hours you spent I meant weeks and months will reveal a person. When I say conflict it means it is natural to fight with each other sometimes. And it is important because conflict reveals a lot and it reveals almost anything. It reveals what guys feel about you and what you feel. And if you guys get through conflict in a way that you guys grow closer and he has no resentment about what happened. That’s a sign that he might be the one.

The next one is he takes time to listen to all of your problems and shows patience. If a guy doesn’t show the patience that guy’s not it.

The next one is showing love and kindness. Love and kindness are rated as the most important thing that men and women want toward each other. Love and kindness caring for you when you’re sick, showing affection in most obvious things, listening to you, treating you with compassion, thinking of you, and giving you thoughtful gifts. And a man who loves you will never put a hand on you. 

The last one is he believes in your dreams and he believes in you. He believes that you can achieve your dreams and he supports you.

And in terms of compatibility, you want a guy who has similar things to you. Similar beliefs, similar economic status, and similar political standards. And by that, you could narrow where you could find the one. Lastly, he will introduce you to his friends and family and getting married is not a sign of being the one.