This is How a Man Acts When He Actually Loves You

This is how a man is supposed to act when he loves you. Look these are not rocket science the problem is your emotions get the best of you and you like the person so much you overthink and things get complicated. What you gotta do is not look at the noise but look through the noise and look for these signs. And if you see these signs then you could rest assured that he likes you no matter how you feel.

  1. You don’t have to doubt when somebody likes you. Because somebody likes you it’s obvious to everyone. But if they don’t like you, you feel insecure, you feel doubtful, and you start asking your friends and you start watching my videos.
  2. When you’re in love it’s like an addiction a compulsion. In other words, when a guy likes you he’ll have all the time in the world for you when he doesn’t like you he will make a reason that is plausible.
  3. There are no inconsistencies. You don’t have to watch my videos to make it work.
  4. They always talk about their future with you and what you should do or where you can go the next time you meet.
  5. He gives you nice thought romantic gifts. They might be expensive but you can see it’s well thought of.
  6. Introducing you to his friends and his family. If he likes you he will want to show you off.
  7. If you pull away he complains and strategies that I teach actually work.
  8. You talk about the future, he talks about what he wants with you like going on a vacation.

But the most important is this. In 3 months he didn’t want a relationship and didn’t try to see you more often. If he doesn’t do this he is either really busy or he just really doesn’t want you.