This is How a Woman Acts When She Actually Loves You – 10 Signs She’s In Love With You

You’re gonna want to watch until the end of this video because the last one is the most important one. It’s crucial to know how women are going to like you. Women have been conditioned to act in a certain way. Women understand the power of smiling at men, the power of being friendly. Whereas guys have bias, a positive bias when they think a woman smiles at them it means they are sexually receptive, study shows that. A lot of times it’s because they just want you, a lot of times they just want to be friendly – but sometimes they also just want you to chase.

Sometimes it’s okay to mistake a woman liking you in a public setting like in a club, but you don’t want to make that mistake when they’re part of a social circle or you work together or you go to school together. You want to be very sure so you don’t end up looking dumb in front of people. Now as you watch this video it’s important to learn how to develop your presence especially when you’re talking to women. I will give you just the right amount of confidence to know when a woman really loves you.