This is How He Acts When He ACTUALLY Doesn’t Like You

Today, we’re gonna talk about how a guy acts when he actually doesn’t like you. We’re gonna be talking about six different ways that exemplify that. I’m making this video because I am the dating coach that teaches you how to not get played. I can’t help you to get a husband, don’t get me wrong. I can help you to get a boyfriend, but that comes by default. It’s like the cherry on top and not the whole cake.

Please listen to this video because it sharpens your eyes to see what lies, deception, and manipulation because manipulation is very subtle–you don’t know you’re being manipulated and that is the art of manipulation, make you think you have full control.

First and foremost, go with your gut. When you have doubt about your gut, focus on the negative. If a guy is saying that ‘I love you’ but then ignores you for three days, just focus on the negative and not just the positive, why? It’s because when we love somebody we have confirmation bias.

It’s like the guy who killed 10 children and his mom said, he’s a good boy. It’s a confirmation bias, you tend to develop it. When you’re in love, your eyes and perceptions are very hazy.

You can’t tell the difference between a good guy who loves you and a guy who doesn’t love you, why? It’s because love has a lot of confirmation bias, you focus on what’s only good. You want the happy ending but what you guys have to understand and it’s not me being negative: the happy ending rarely happens–I hate to be negative, but that’s the reality of things, so you have to practice some rational thinking because falling in love, it’s very difficult to think rationally, and your rational mind is your biggest weapon against the machination, manipulations of men. Also, society because society always tries to control the way women love, women’s sexuality. Humans should not open up the door to feel jealousy or think that they possess somebody, you could still be committed but that’s a whole another story.

The first one is all talk and no action, his words are always being contradicted. He’s always contradicting himself, he said ‘I love you’ but his action show otherwise. He said ‘I’ll never hurt you’ but they keep doing shits that annoys you, and you know what I’m talking about. He can easily respond on time, come to the date, and cancel earlier, all words and no actions.

The second one: he does not cuddle with you. The truth is that when a guy doesn’t like you, he is not going to cuddle with you. He’s not going to look in your eyes and all that stuff. He’s not going to give you those googly eyes and have little conversations. If he doesn’t like you he’s not going to do that shit.

Sometimes some guys are manipulators, some guys are working long term. When you’re dealing with a guy who’s working long-term sometimes,  they try to speed things up too much. The third sign is he tries to speed things up, he wants the relationship fast, says I love you fast,  and he begins to plan vacations fast. He literally gives you the relationship that you wanted, the label that you wanted. He starts taking photos with you.

The fourth one is actually very true, also difficult because sometimes it comes with a lot of good excuses. It’s that he takes a long time to respond to your text message, in general, or doesn’t even want to make phone calls with you. After five months, he still doesn’t want a relationship with you. After five months, he still doesn’t know what he wants with you. After five months, if it has not progressed to something, or you haven’t met his friends or even a family member, this guy doesn’t love you and if he’s saying “maybe later” or this/that, like he’s acting as if he loves you — the truth is that he’s just following you so that he could keep having sex with you.

And the last thing is, please do not confuse jealousy with love. When a guy is jealous of you it does not mean he loves you. A jealous man is not a sign of love. If a guy is overly possessive of you, it does not mean he loves you. Some might interpret it as love because some of you have been with a lot of shit.

The whole purpose of this video is just to help you guys not get played. You will find a guy. Just make sure that you don’t get played. You will find the right guy for you.