This is How He Wants You To Text Him But they just don’t know it

When I say this is how men want you to text them, we’re not talking about the male ego. Guys like you to completely give in to them and show how much you entirely like them. They also want to desire you and value you, but you can’t have both.

Here are a few guidelines I want you to follow when,n texting guys, and the first one is not to let them see how you really feel about them.

The biggest problem is how fast you text back. When you respond quickly, it communicates that you don’t have that many options.; it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, but that’s the impression people get. At least in the first month, it creates anxiety and unpredictability by taking a few hours to respond. After that, take five to ten minutes and then go back to responding after a few hours. You don’t want him to know what you will do next. Above all things, never double text, and don’t use LOLs and HAHA’s every time. Also, please don’t do the emojis in the beginning because you don’t want him to have a feeling of where he stands.

When you text a guy, and your text messages are fast and full of emotions, you’re pretty much telling him that you like him. You want him to feel like you like him not because of your text messages but because you show up on a date. Your actions must speak louder than words. If he has a problem with the fact that you’re not giving him more attention, then it’s best if you keep moving.

This is just a straightforward way of texting guys. If he flakes on you, don’t be mad and say don’t worry about it BUT don’t text him after that.