This Is How Men Fall In Love – 4 Ways Men Build a Connection

Let’s talk about the process of how men fall in love. Weirdly, it is similar to how women fall in love some people think it’s different.

  1. First one is projection. You remind them of somebody. Projection is an image you put on the screen that overlays that fills up a blank space. That blank space is someone they are in love with.
  2. Second-way men fall in love is through casual sex which usually leads to developing a bond. Humans develop bonds with people they spend time with. There was even this thing called the “Stockholm syndrome” where you can develop a bond even with your kidnappers.
  3. Third one is when you hurt their ego and they fell in love with you because you hurt their ego. But to achieve this you have to break up with them, be very inconsistent, and say something that can hurt their feelings. By having that up and down the seesaw type of emotion. But that love can be also just ego.
  4. Last reason why men fall in love with you is through bad moments of their life. Those bad moments make you latch on to whoever is available. It will give this incredible desire to connect with people. So if a guy is going through something find out what he’s going through and be there for him.