This Is Why Women Can’t Respect You Even When They Like You

Today we’re talking about a very interesting subject, it’s my favorite one! It’s about why people lose power in a relationship.

The first thing that people do that makes them lose power is complain. People don’t respect people who complain a lot. People don’t respect people complaining that they’re victims in their minds. They protrude the energy of toxicity and it’s not fun to be around them. So if you complain, you better start appreciating life because if you’re known as someone who complains, you’re just not fun to be around with. You lose power because people lose respect for you.

The second thing is being holier than thou when you have such a high standard. Set a barrier or set your standards low about your behavior so people can’t control you. I don’t mean you’ll be a dickhead but what I mean is don’t act holy and don’t try to be perfect because people are going to use that against you and you’ll lose power.

Another thing is your inability to say no. Your inability to say no causes you to lose power because people will control you.

The fourth thing is being reactive by reacting and taking seriously everything everyone does or says to you. You do this because you care about what people think and you feed off their validation. Whenever there’s a lack of you, most of the time we fill that lack with other people’s reactions, particularly those who we find that are high value: like parents or friends.

The ones who react are the ones who lose power and the reasons why people are living in the reaction are

  1. They have no personal sense of Identity. Who they are is based on other people’s reactions.
  2. Values
  3. What you appreciate out of life
  4. No emotional intelligence
  5. Having no general purpose in life When you react to value, you get nervous. This is all relative to your personal value. Your personal value that isn’t touched will only be based on equality. Any sense of superiority means you’re malleable to a fall because you will meet someone better and you will get less attractive over time. It’s inevitable. So why not start preparing now?

The fifth reason why people lose power is that they have no personal boundaries. People will feel your lack of boundaries and they will take advantage of you.

The last one is giving without having. When you give just to give without first taking care of yourself, people will undoubtedly take advantage of you and you’re gonna lose in the long run.

You got to first take care of yourself before giving.