This Phrase Can Make Any Player Want To Commit To You (MAYBE!)

This is a strategy that I learn from a woman who actually made me fall in love. It might not work for any dude but it’s an extremely powerful phase. If you think a guy likes you and he doesn’t think you’re needy or have desperate energy this will just hit the part.

The first thing you need to do, think about what is the thing you recall when somebody breaks up with you. Usually, it’s the broken promises and that’s the inner child in us that believes in words. So why do we go back to these certain promises? It’s because words have a tendency to excite the imagination.

You have to make him believe that you and he is just casual and then you tell him that you and I will make amazing babies and then let that go after two weeks and say it again. And I don’t know what it is but there’s something about imagining having a baby with a girl that makes you like her.

And the essential part of this is after you said you change the topic. This should be like a compliment. The best time to say this is when you’re kinda pushing him away so when you talk he is more receptive and his defenses are low.